The  Life Of Moji is the world’s first NFT’s based animated series.
Hurry up, Moji is coming to town!
We need to populate the City of Lights! This nft collection is based on the city’s population. Get your ticket to be a part of this world!
Buying a citizen of the town, you’re going to own a part of the story and a slot in The life of Moji.
We got the city, Moji is coming, but what’s a city without the citizens? Please help us by joining the city so we can tell you about all things Moji!



Dominic Jordan / @domhelpedme

CEO and Music Advisor

Life has been great so far, I want you guys to know my story, welcome to The City Of Lights

Sharif Elfishawi / @sheffo

Founder and Art Director

My life changed when I met Moji, I want you guys to know his story, welcome to The City Of Lights

Poo Bear / @poobear

Music Advisor

4x Grammy Winner Songwriter/producer/artist Poo Bear has emerged as one of the top hitmakers in pop and R&B music, co-writing several hits for Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Dan & Shay, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Sam Smith, 112 and many more.

Matteo Tiberia / @matt_zeero

Crypto And NFT Expert - Designer

Legends says he's on a journey to mars in his head, welcome to The City Of Lights.

Christopher Curry

Business Manager

New York-based Curry has a roster heavy with music, film and TV clients, along with high-net-worth individuals.

Jacqueline Sabec

Entertainment Lawyer

Ms. Sabec is a creative attorney with four decades of experience advocating for artists' rights.Her work includes general counsel and business affairs positions for the Jerry Garcia Estate LLC, Grateful Dead Productions, and Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation. Her clients have appeared on more than 400 million records.

Federico Miracapillo / @juicyplat

Web Designer and Developer

11 years of experience in building and securing website and web apps.

Davide Buoio / @davidebuoio

DeFi and Investment Consultant

I'm here to make sure that the City of Lights will never run out of money, and yes I have the best streetwear shop in the City...and the best outfit.

Alex Elfishawi / @alexelfishawi

Pop Culture and Design consultant

This City will be soon known in the whole world, I'm here to make sure we will always look dope.

Carlo Di Mario / @brainsbug

Developer And Artist

Sheffo brought me in, I'm here to make the City Of Lights looks amazing, more than 8 years of experience in 2d and 3d art.

Lorenzo Petruzzella / @Im.petru

Community Manager

Built many digital communities, social media enthusiast and Discord connoisseur, managing every aspect of the community to make sure it's always safe and exciting.

Francesco Faretra / @imfrax

Social Media Manager

More than a decade of experience in social media managing and content creation for marketing purposes.